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Some random news

So it seems that I am completely and totally without work currently... this is not to say that I have lost my position but more so along the lines of gross over extension of the time it would take an individual to perform the task that was assigned to me... From what I can understand and have seen, someone (who is not me) was assigned to the same job on a different program a few years ago... and he took about 6-8 months to complete it. The program that I am working on has been around for a shorter time but all the changes that were made on the previous program have been incorporated into this one. When the time came to estimate timing... they thought it would still take six months!! So, unfortunately for me... I am already done with all my assigned tasks with nothing to do till august... (I have mentioned this to my manager, but he seems to have lost my request)... My days now are mostly spent reading C++ manuals, writing pointless applications in (and talking to Karl about them, who has also been my test engineer for them) and reading comics and such. But I never thought I would say this... even all this got boring after a while. Maybe I'll just start sleeping at work.

So, in a series of unfortunate events, my beloved tablet of 5 years died this weekend... RIP. So, I ended up buying a Mac. Oh well.

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Meeting woes

So this morning we had a meeting about our configuration management techniques at the company (For those unfamiliar with the terms: It applies to the version control and tracking of documents as they are changed and modified over time).
I brought up a point about the fact that the file naming convention was worthless and this was a serious problem to be addressed. The lead engineer responsible for this responded with, "It's being tracked with our Clearquest."... (Clearquest is a database that tracks defects and problems)
Funny thing about this: I had one of my co-workers to check to see if this was actually being addressed in Clearquest... and it was not. I pointed that out to the Lead.
"Well I have down on my sheet in my to-do list."
I pointed out that for something this serious, that was not enough and that it should definitely be added to the Clearquest database so it can be tracked and resolved... and then shut up (I had rattled the cage enough at this point of time).
The Lead had been backed into a corner and I didn't want to press it any further than I had.

15 minutes later an email arrives: (This a copy and paste of that email)

Collapse )

You have just told me what I already knew... AND nothing has been done to rectify it yet. Have a cookie.


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(no subject)

I went to the Vet on wednesday to get the cat checked out. I must say the experience is no different from going to a normal doctor's appointment...
My appointment was at 7:00 PM, got there right on time... and... I had to wait 15 minutes before the vet tech even decided to come get me and 5 more minutes before the Vet actually came in and looked at the cat... then 2 minutes later... all done... and I was headed home.


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Holy Crap! Look it's a post.

So I finally started my job with Northrop Grumman last week... and it was dull in the beginning since I had no PC and I could not get access to any of the documents since I was not security cleared at that point... but come Friday I actually knew what I would finally be working on. This in itself was a feat. My project lead looks like she is about have an aneurysm because of the "aggressive" schedule that we have to deliver the software on. But I suppose when it comes to stuff like                they have to be aggressive… at least the part that I am changing, which is                       , so it’s not very hard when you think about it. Really all it involves is changing                    to             and the making some other changes in the                  code for making sure that you are covered on all areas of              .


 Yeah, I am not allowed to talk much detail about my work anyway… Good thing…

 Other than that, it’s not too bad here. Quite a pleasant area to live in. not too much traffic and not too much noise… and most all important stores are within stones throw of where I live, so very convenient in the end.


Pictures to come soon.


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yet another post from India

So it is time for me to make another post from India. This one is mostly about there always being a bigger fish.
So about 3 days ago I was visiting a friend and we decided to take the town by storm and while out and about we spotted an arcade... to which I was attracted, like a fly to honey. To top it all off they had a Soul Calibur III machine there as well (one thing that I didn't expect to see here, but hey I wasn't complaining). We got some change and putzed about on the different games they had (turns out not all Asians are good at DDR and the like). We finally decided (much cajoling from  me) to go to the Soul Calibur Machine which was now occupied by a couple of teenagers who took our approach to be the perfect time to trash talk... after having seen them play for a bit against my friend I knew they weren't that good (not good enough to warrent trash talking about it at least)... Now I don't know what it was... I could have just let it go, but maybe I like inflicting pain on others but... about 50 games later the youngsters left quite upset and leaving me the highest score on the machine. Strangely satisfying.

That was all.

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Why Women Wear Thongs.

Again, Gmail in its infinite wisdom has decided that I really needed to know this.
Gmail uses the subject/content of an email to suggest a advertisment link to you...
The email that I was looking at had nothing to do with thongs or any sort of female undergarments whatsoever...

And yet....


Well that is definitely something that I have been curious about for ages now.

*sigh* I really wish I had something else to do at work rather than lounge about with limited access to the internet...

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Random Occurence.

Now google has this new thing where it'll try to guess what you are trying to type and show you the relevant choices for in a little drop down box...


Tannhauser = is nearest to swallows???

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The zoo trip

For anyone interested, the zoo trip pictures are located Here under the zoo trip set.


PS: Noelle, let me know which shots out of those you took and they shall be labeled as such. (Don't want to claim credit for you awesome shots as well).